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Category Archives: scams

Lifecell and other wrinkle cream ripoffs

There are many fake review sites out there that seem to provide unbiased, independent reviews of various wrinkle cream products.  Unfortunately, many of these sites are setup by affiliate marketers trying to generate commissions for the products they are shilling for (see the explanation of affiliate marketing here).
A typical format for an affiliate page would [...]

Best Buy not honouring extended warranties

Everybody knows that extended warranties are almost always a bad deal for the consumer.
But now Best Buy has figured out a way to take things one step further.
The fan on my friend’s laptop stopped spinning and he took it into Best Buy for repair since he bought their extended warranty.  A few days later, he [...]

Fake "independent" web hosting review sites

When people are buying web hosting, one of the things they will look for are independent reviews comparing the many web hosts out there.  Unfortunately, there are many affiliates who capitalize on that by setting up their “review” sites while the web hosting companies pay them to shill for them via affiliate commissions (more info [...]

Weight loss scams

There’s a lot of weight loss scams out there. Here are some of the more common ones:
Wu Yi Tea / “Easy Weight Loss Tea” / Green tea
There’s nothing very special about green tea, but some marketers will try to convince you that it’s some “ancient Chinese secret”.  Unfortunately, some people have stereotypes about Chinese [...]