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Category Archives: affiliate / shill marketing

What science has to say about weight loss

If you have the time and inclination, you can use Google Scholar to search academic literature on weight loss.  Here is my quick and dirty take on the literature out there.
For most people, it really is about eating less calories
Historically, a problem with diet research is that the researchers weren’t able to track what the [...]

Wrinkle Cream Affiliate Programs

Coming back to an earlier post over a year ago I am starting a list of the wrinkle cream affiliate programs.  They will do nothing but try to sell you a product through affiliates that will say any thing to get you to their site.
Here is one:  Dermajuv
Dermajuv affiliate program.  They have many affiliate shills [...]

Lifecell and other wrinkle cream ripoffs

There are many fake review sites out there that seem to provide unbiased, independent reviews of various wrinkle cream products.  Unfortunately, many of these sites are setup by affiliate marketers trying to generate commissions for the products they are shilling for (see the explanation of affiliate marketing here).
A typical format for an affiliate page would [...]

An affiliate page deconstructed

Note: Read the explanation of affiliate / shill marketing first to understand the motivations behind affiliate sites.
Let’s look at one affiliate site I found by searching for “weight loss”.  The URL is
This site tries to sell the ThermothinPlus with Acai and Colon Cleanse products.

1- Geotargeting
The website is targeted specifically to the visitor’s location, in [...]

Affiliate/shill marketing – how it works

One form of advertising on the Internet is what’s known as affiliate marketing.  The marketer places affiliate links on his/her website.  Whenever a visitor clicks on the link and makes a purchase, the marketer is credited with that purchase and receives a commission.  Note that there are both ethical and unethical ways of doing affiliate [...]