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Best Buy not honouring extended warranties

Everybody knows that extended warranties are almost always a bad deal for the consumer.

But now Best Buy has figured out a way to take things one step further.

The fan on my friend’s laptop stopped spinning and he took it into Best Buy for repair since he bought their extended warranty.  A few days later, he receives a call and Best Buy tells him that he won’t be covered because there is physical damage to the laptop and that it will cost $600 to replace the motherboard. They also wipe out the content of his hard drive.

He doesn’t want to pay $600 so he gets me to take a look at his laptop and help him talk to HP to get it repaired.  I call up HP’s tech support line and they tell me that I should try flashing/updating the BIOS before sending it in.  I do it, and it fixes the laptop.  The motherboard did not need to be replaced, there was no need to wipe the hard drive, and the repair was rather simple (an hour of a tech’s time, tops).

What Best Buy seems to be doing is to try to weasel out of the extended warranties that it has sold.  It then tries to charge the customer an inflated price for the repair.

So please, stop buying extended warranties from Best Buy and don’t let them sucker you again by getting you to pay an inflated price for the repair.

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